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Off the Beaten Path

Hi, we are Lore and Jonas mountain enthusiasts and nomads. Together with our active border collie Kyra, we have been discovering Europe for several years in our converted VW bus. We really enjoy life on the road that is slow.

During all our travels, the idea of Off The Beaten Path grew. We wanted to create something to share our lifestyle. In October 2022 we bought a 12m long bus that we are now converting into a hotel on wheels for 9 passengers. However, our bus will not only be a hotel on wheels, but also a home for us and for all future obp travelers. With Off the Beaten Path we want to share travel experiences, connect with nature and above all inspire each other. Our goal is to inspire you to live your best life, through one of our trips or by sharing our travel stories.

The focus of Off The Beaten Path is on slow travel as we explore a small area as intensely as possible. In addition, we actively explore this area: mountain biking, hiking, packrafting, climbing, paragliding, ... You either sleep in a private bunk bed in the bus or on the roof of our bus in one of our roof tents. The bus is equipped to provide everyone with their basic comfort: shower, toilet, kitchen, fridge, electric plugs, wifi,...

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Hey, my name is Jonas!

For years I have been a passionated by mountains from climbing, mountaineering, paragliding to multi-day trekking. In 2020 I decided to change my life completely and I started to live a nomadic lifestyle. Nothing better then discovering new places everyday and experiencing new adventures. I would love to share what I have been experiening in last years with other people. With Off The Beaten Path I want to share my love for the outdoors and the mountains with you. Together I want to push your boundaries and give you an unforgettable time in unique places in remote areas. To offer you the necessary safety, I insist on continuing training myself. I already followed a whole series of courses with the Belgian climbing and mountain sports federation and I am a certified Wilderness First Responder.


Hi! I am lore

The great outdoors has always been my happy place, in nature I feel 100% myself. After graduating as a geographer, I took a step into the unknown and moved to magical Iceland where I started working as a glacier guide. Guiding tours in Iceland has been the starting point for Off the Beaten Path for me. With Off the Beaten Path I want to share our way of life with you.




Wilderness First Responder

AIMG Hard Ice 2 Guide

International Mountain Leader aspirant

Masters in Geography

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