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Join us for a roadtrip in our hotel on wheels

Upcoming trips with Hotel on Wheels

Discover our adventurous group trips in Europe. Travel with us to Iceland, Norway, Spain,...

You can also book these trips privately with a group of 6-7 people. We also create tailor-made journeys .

Het eiland rond met Hotel op Wielen

Last spots


11- 21 juni 2024

De kust van Zuid-IJsland met Hotel op Wielen



20-27 juli 2024

Midsummer in IJsland: het eiland rond



23 juni-3 juli 2024

Vanlife IJsland (Soetcase x OBP) met Hotel op Wielen



29 juli-11 augustus 2024

Het eiland rond met Hotel op Wielen



5-18 juli 2024

Op avontuur langs de zuidkust van IJsland



14-21 augustus 2024

Hotel On wheels

Experience the thrill of adventurous trips, hiking tours, climbing expeditions, sampling traditional cuisine, and enjoying cozy campfire evenings with our comfortable and luxurious hotel on wheels. Our bus offers ultimate flexibility to travel anywhere, making your trip a truly unique experience! Our hotel on wheels is equipped with all necessary facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen, seating area, toilet, refrigerator with refreshing drinks, and comfortable beds. It can accommodate up to 9 people.
This is the perfect adventure for nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities.
Travel solo, with a friend, or join a group of friends. Let's embark on an Off the Beaten Path adventure!

What our travelers think about traveling with Off the Beaten PAth

What others say!

Britt, 48 jaar

"In a tour bus, you typically pass the time with movies from a distant past, but in this bus, I could enjoy one long, soothing episode. It was my first encounter with the breathtaking views and never boring landscapes of Norway. Finally, a healthy form of binge-watching!"

Two roads divirged into the mountains I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference

Hello there! We are Lore and Jonas, two mountain enthusiasts and nomads. Together with our active border collie, Kyra, we have been traveling through Europe in our converted VW bus, enjoying the slow living and waking up in the middle of nature.

During our travels, the idea of Off The Beaten Path was born. In October 2022, we purchased a 12m-long bus that we converted into a hotel on wheels for up to 9 passengers. Our bus is not only a hotel but also a home for us and all future Off the Beaten Path travelers. Through our travel experiences, we aim to connect with nature, inspire each other, and encourage you to live your best life. Whether it's one of our trips, travel advice, or travel stories shared on our blog, we hope to provide inspiration for all.

Lore en Jonas voor het Hotel op Wielen

Two roads divirged into the mountains I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference

Our mission is clear: we aim to inspire and assist people in embarking on adventures, regardless of their background. That's why we launched our unique travel concept, "Off the Beaten Path." We built a unique hotel on wheels, where we combine our passion for travel, adventure, and connection with nature. It's more than just a vehicle; it's an oasis of freedom and adventure, where we invite others to experience the beauty of life off the beaten path. Our goal is to make outdoor adventures accessible to everyone.

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Rent the bus! Tours through Europe, completely tailor-made.

Wil je graag op roadtrip met een groep vrienden? Ben je opzoek naar een unieke teambuilding? Op avontuur met het hele gezin? 

Je kan de volledige bus huren met ons als gidsen/bestuurders. 

Rent the bus - Standing still

Rent the bus! As a quirky holiday home.

Our bus is a quirky holiday home, with all the comforts of a regular vacation house.

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The Ultimate Iceland Map

Over the years we've compiled a huge list of the ultimate places to visit in Iceland.
Since we constantly get questions about our Icelandic recommendations, we thought it was time to share our wealth of knowledge with you! We have collected around 300 sights on one clear interactive map: from hot springs, waterfalls, to magical canyons and fantastic day walks, it's all there.


📍More than 350 locations

🤫My biggest Iceland secrets

💦 More than 40 hot springs

💻No more endless hours of planning, your trip in one clear map

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