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Travel advice

Traveling brings relaxation, creates headspace and makes you wonder. For many, traveling is the ideal way to recharge. However, traveling can also be stressful. There are a million different ways to travel. Where is the journey going? Which itinerary do I choose? What budget do I need?

We are happy to take away your planning stress. Would you like to plan a trip to Iceland or Norway, but don't know where to start? We are happy to help you!

Why choose our travel advice?

Lore is a real Iceland specialist. She has been living and working in Iceland for several seasons as a guide for various Icelandic and Belgian travel companies. As a guide, she knows the ideal way to travel through Iceland. She has a total overview of the possibilities and knows how to get the most out of your trip. She knows the local customs and knows a lot of Off the Beaten Path spots.

Both Jonas and Lore have traveled to Norway several times in winter and summer. Last summer we stayed in Norway for 3 months. Jonas guided several groups over the Hardangervidda plateau. We are now experienced Norway travelers and therefore know local tips and routes.


Tailored travel advice


No time to plan your trip to Iceland? Don't feel like doing all off the research? Or are you just overwhelmed with all the possible options and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we're happy to help you!


Online webinars

We organize online information sessions on a regular basis. During the information session we will take you along the nature of Iceland and Norway or tell you more about how to organize a road trip through Norway with a camper .

What we do

  • Provide travel advice for Iceland and Norway. This can be customized or by following a group webinar.

  • To give you a total overview on the travel possibilities  in Norway and Iceland.

  • Giving you the best Off the Beaten Path tips.

  • Travel advice based on your budget and time.

  • Customize your trip to your wishes.

What we don't do

  • Travel advice on travel destinations other than Iceland and Norway. We only give advice on the countries that we know best.

  • Bookings. We let you manage all the bookings yourself so that you have full control over your trip. You save a lot of money with this!

  • Travel insurance


Hi! I am lore

The great outdoors has always been my happy place, in nature I feel 100% myself. After graduating as a geographer, I took a step into the unknown and moved to magical Iceland where I started working as a glacier guide. Guiding tours in Iceland has been the starting point for Off the Beaten Path for me. With Off the Beaten Path I want to share our way of life with you.




Wilderness First Responder

AIMG Hard Ice 2 Guide

International Mountain Leader aspirant

Masters in Geography

Hey, my name is Jonas!

For years I have been a passionated by mountains from climbing, mountaineering, paragliding to multi-day trekking. In 2020 I decided to change my life completely and I started to live a nomadic lifestyle. Nothing better then discovering new places everyday and experiencing new adventures. I would love to share what I have been experiening in last years with other people. With Off The Beaten Path I want to share my love for the outdoors and the mountains with you. Together I want to push your boundaries and give you an unforgettable time in unique places in remote areas. To offer you the necessary safety, I insist on continuing training myself. I already followed a whole series of courses with the Belgian climbing and mountain sports federation and I am a certified Wilderness First Responder.

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